New Kenyan Restaurant, Mashariki, Opens in Dresden

Mashariki Dresden

There’s a new Kenyan restaurant in Dresden.

Opened in December last year, the small and cozy restaurant located in the heart of Pieschen-Dresden along the Mohnstrasse, Mashariki, is one of the few authentic African restaurants in the city and the first in this corner of the city.

The restaurant is owned by Kennedy Kaingu, a Kenyan, and Frank Shubert, a German married to a Kenyan.

“”Mashariki” is Swahili and means” East “. We welcome all guests to immerse themselves in African culture in our restaurant. Our guests can enjoy various African food and drinks as they enjoy African music. We would like to welcome both the people of Dresden and fellow Africans to our premises and thus also contribute to international understanding and learning about African culture. The name  “East” also signifies the range of food we serve, you’ll mainly get East African food at Mashariki.”, Frank told Prinz Dresden

The owners of Mashariki are staying away from advertising their restaurant by serving exotic meats. You’ll not find zebra, crocodile and ostrich on the menu to attract attention and arouse interest. Mashariki only serves the usual pork, beef and chicken and occasionally lamb, or goat. Furthermore, you can of course also try out a wide selection of vegetarian dishes.

This small restaurant in the heart of Dresden is very friendly, welcoming and offers a colorful mixture of various African food.

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