Is Germany Forcing People to Remain on Welfare (Hartz IV)?

Bundesagentur für Arbeit

There have been accusations made against people living in welfare in Germany, that many never want to get a serious job and prefer to stay home and enjoy the “free money”.

However, what many don’t know is the role the Federal Job Agency plays in keeping people at home and away from the job market in Germany.

The short documentary below follows two women who’ve been on welfare. The two women have one thing in common, they both want to get out of their homes and go train in a craft that will eventually get them a job. Their only hurdle, the Arbeitsagentur that insists that if these women go for training, they get no support.

The job agency is notorious for forcing people into trainings that amount to nothing while stopping many from taking up real trainings in the fear of receiving no support. Considering many of these individuals already have children, their only option is to continue to stay home and receive welfare, rather than take up an Ausbildung and have their children stave.

Do you agree with these sentiments? What are your views on what the Arbeitsagentur are doing?

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