Nairobi Half Life Showing in Dresden

Nairobi Half Life

If you have still not gotten a chance to watch the movie or you’d like to watch it again, Nairobi Half Life, will be aired in Dresden.

As part of the Move IT! Film festival in Dresden, Nairobi Half Life will be shown on 8th November at 3pm at the Thalia Kino Dresden.

Date: 8th November

Time: 3pm (15Uhr)


Thalia Kino Dresden,

Görlitzer Straße 6,

01099 Dresden

The movie will be followed by a discussion with Moses Akuno the project coordinator of the Kanam for Education Project by the Aktionsgemeinschaft für Kinder-und Frauenrechte e.V.

If for some reason you don’t know what Nairobi Half Life is, watch the trailer below or read the summary:

The movie involves a young, aspiring actor from mashambani in Kenya who dreams of becoming a success in the big city. In pursuit of this and to the chagrin of his brother and parents, he makes his way to Nairobi: the city of opportunity.

He quickly understands why Nairobi is nicknamed Nairobbery as he is robbed of all his money and belongings and left alone in a city where he doesn’t know a soul. Luck, or the lack, of it brings him face to face with two groups of downtown crooks and he forms a friendship with a young small time gang leader who takes him in.

He is quickly drawn into a new world of theft and violence, even as he still tries to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. Keeping the two worlds separate proves to be a contest for him as he struggles to survive in this unknown world called Nairobi.


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