Kenyan Movie “Veve” DVD Available in Germany

Veve, Something Necessary, Nairobi Half Life, One Fine Day Films

If you missed the screening tour last year or would simply like to have a copy of the movie to watch and rewatch with friends, the DVD will now be available in Germany for you to order.

The DVD will be available from 26th of June and will be going for €15,90 from Good!Movies Film website. You can order Veve, Nairobi Half Life (€11,90) and even Something Necessary (€15,90) from the same site. The other two movies are already available.

Veve (sheng for khat) is a movie on the khat business, a natural herb used as a stimulant and grown in Kenya.

Amos is a unscrupulous local politician in the Kenyan region of Maua, where the drug khat is farmed, known in the local slang as “veve”. Amos, too, is involved in the lucrative business and tries by all means to supplant a competitor. When Amos’ wife Esther discovers his crooked dealings, she rejects him and seeks solace in the arms of a younger man. And the fields of veve also have an unpleasant surprise in store: the farmers have organized themselves to force Amos to give them a fair price. With hand-held camera and a documentary style, the film portrays a world of corruption and social injustice. 

“Veve” a Kenyan movie was created by One Fine Day Films, the same company that brought to you Nairobi Half Life and Something Necessary.

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