How to Listen and Take Part in Mkenya Ujerumani Online Radio

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To listen in, click on the play button in the widget below:

To call in and share your views on the show


Via German Landline

1. Go to the Mkenya Ujerumani Radio Channel: Click here.

2. When the show is live, click on Call in

3. Enter your phone number in the space given and click Register call-in

4. From the number you registered, call (040) 414 314 102

5. You’re now live in the studio

Mkenya Radio Dial In

Via Skype #1

1. Call in via Skype. Skype ID: MkenyaUjerumani


Via Skype #2

1. Add the contact: freeconferencing.8053991000 as a friend (takes less than a second)

2. Call Freeconferencing

3. You’ll be requested to enter your code, enter 411787# on the dial pad (To find your dial pad on Skype, it will depend on which version of Skype you have. Below are a few pictures showing you where to find the dial pad.)

4. You’re now in the meeting room.

Dial pad

Dial pad 2 Dial pad 3 Dial pad 4

Via Telephone

If instead you prefer to call a phone number instead,

1. Call the +1 8053991000 (you can use to call the number for free from your landline)

2. When prompted dial in 411787#

3. You’re now in the meeting room


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