Diamond’s Concert in Stuttgart Ends With Police Using Pepper Spray

Police escorting Diamond Stuttgart Platnumz
Police trying to calm the angry mob as they escorted Diamond Platnumz out of the event venue in Stuttgart

This weekend saw the BIGGEST artist from East Africa come to Germany to entertain fans.

Friday night, Diamond entertained fans in Essen till morning. Although he had promised to play 21 of his famous hits that night, he only got to play 6-8 after arriving at the venue at 3am. The venue was packed to the brim with many of his fans from Kenya, Tanzania and even Germany. This didn’t faze the fans though, as many who showed up for the show in Essen expressed satisfaction with the whole show and performance.

However, this wasn’t the case for those at the show held at the Messehalle Sindelfingen in Kreis Böblingen in Stuttgart as it turned out into a great disappointment not only to the fans but also to Diamond who took to Facebook to express his grievances. He spoke on the small venue picked in Essen as well as the unreliability of the event promoters/organisers.

Diamond Platnumz Essen
Diamond Platnumz Facebook status posted on Saturday afternoon after his first show in Essen on Friday.

The police were called in to the venue due to the fracas caused by the party-goers. Drunk and frustrated, they threw around bottles and vandalised the hall. Others instead to attack each other. The police arrived together with 7 ambulances and 17 volunteers. The angry mob wouldn’t listen to the police and the police had to use pepper spray to scatter them.

At 4 am, Diamond finally arrived at the venue. A bit calmer, the fans went in to wait for him to set up the equipment and perform. Unfortunately, the music system wasn’t working and Diamond could therefore not perform.

Fans on hearing that they would have no performance by Diamond despite waiting for hours and even paying for it, they got mad. A second round of drama started with many throwing bottles at Diamond and breaking furniture in the hall. The police who were still there had to come in and escort Diamond to the car and finally away from the venue, for fear of his well-being.

Diamond Platnumz Stuttgart
Diamond Platnumz escorted out by the police from the event venue in Stuttgart.

The assumption that he was being a “diva” for arriving at the venue early in the morning after keeping fans waiting, was debunked by Diamond who on his Facebook account complained that the arrival was determined by the promoter.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz’s Facebook status early this morning after the incident in Stuttgart.

Several fans who attended the show in Stuttgart have taken to Facebook to express their grievances with many making accusations. Evidently, most are still angry at what happened last night.

First this concert was one of its kind in Germany, not only did he have two shows but the shows were right across the country, the first was on Friday in Essen and the second was to be held in Stuttgart on Saturday. The show followed a precedence set by Real Mapapa and Anna Mpenzi who brought Kidum earlier this year for concerts in 3 cities.

More pictures of Diamond being escorted out by the police here.


UPDATE: The event organisers have issued an apology and an explanation to those who attended the event. Find it in the comments below.


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