Kenyan Actress Receives Scholarship from the Lions Club in Austria

Präsident DI Hans Zirl, Mercy Dorcas Otieno, Stadträtin Lisa Rücker, Professorin Magistra Eva Tarjan, Sekretär Dr. Rudolf Mayer, Kulturamtsleiter Dr. Peter Grabensberger
(l. to r.) President DI Hans Zirl, Mercy Dorcas Otieno, Councillor Lisa Rücker, Professor Eva Tarjan, Secretary Dr. Rudolf Mayer, Kulturamtsleiter Dr. Peter Grabensberger. Photo Credits: Stadt Graz/Fischer

She’s the only African to ever join the Max Reinhardt-Seminar in Vienna, an extra ordinary actress and a Kenyan. (Read: Kenyan Becomes the First African to Join the Elite Max Reinhardt-Seminar)

Mercy Dorcas seems to have mounted the Kenyan flag so high in Austria, that everyone had no choice but to notice that “Kenya is in the house”. From the world renowned play wright, Fiston Mwanza, who came calling to get her in his play „Gott ist ein Deutscher” (God is German), to the Max Reinhardt-Seminar and now the Lion’s Club Graz that came out to fund her studies at the Max Reinhardt-Seminar.

In their efforts to promote culture and the arts, the Lion’s Club Graz awarded Mercy €2000.

“This is just the beginning, in the Lion’s Club Graz support for Mercy. We’re looking at other ways of doing so, not only paying fees for a single semester but in seeing her complete her studies at the Max Reinhardt-Seminar“, DI Hans Zirl, the president of the Lion’s Club Graz said.

The young actress moved to Germany while she was only 18 before moving to Austria where she’s created a huge name for herself within the arts arena. She performs regularly at the Schauspielhaus in Vienna and is currently working on a new play, „Sinfonie des sonnigen Tages”  (“Symphony of sunny day”) written by Anja Hillings. The play will be staged in June.

“I wish Mercy all the best. I’ll certainly be attending the premier of the play”, Lisa Rücker, the Councillor incharge of Cultural Affairs in Graz said.

You can find out more about this amazing actress here: Mercy Dorcas Actress Per Excellence.

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