Hermes Apologises for the Racist Incident Between a Kenyan and their Partner Shop

Joyce Nietiet and Andreas Ort
Joyce Nietet receives an apology bouquet and chocolate from Andreas Ort of Hermes

This week saw the story of a Kenyan’s racist incident hit the German media. Joyce Nietiet, a Kenyan who has lived in Germany for seventeen years, had gone to pick her parcel from the Hermes shop, only for the shop attendant to refuse to give her her parcel because she’s black (read: “We don’t issue parcels to blacks”, Kenyan told)

One of the officials from the delivery service company, Hermes,  Andreas Ort paid Joyce a courtesy visit bearing a huge bouquet of flowers and chocolate. The company’s representative pointed out that the company didn’t tolerate such kind of treatment of any of their clients and had since cancelled their agreement with the shop. He added that Hermes was intercutural and equal treatment for their workers and clients was a core value in the company.

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