Gold Worth Millions Looking for its Owner in Köln

gold coins and bars

Some rich person has misplaced gold bars worth millions of Euro and because they might own too many, they forgot they had left these at the Bahnhof in Köln.

The police opened a station locker in April after its lease expired to find bars of gold, now the police are looking for the owner. The police do not link it to any crime.

To claim the loot, you need to know “the exact sum of money, how many gold bars there were, and what sort of imprints the bars had on them”, said Bremer.

The authorities also released no pictures of the gold, to make sure only someone with extensive previous knowledge of the fortune could collect it.

Previous attempts to find the owner had failed, said Bremer, but police are hopeful that the rightful owner will get in touch.

If the owner is not found, the gold will be auctioned off and the proceeds sent to the public purse.

“It’s possible that the items are the product of a crime, and that’s why no-one has come forward, but we will have to wait and see”, Cologne Chief Prosecutor Ulrich Bremer said

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