New Rent Laws

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As many of you know, starting from May 1st this year, new rent laws were passed. I finally got around to looking into them and here is a summary of what the new laws entail.

Rent should never increase by more than 15% (reduced from the initial 20%) in 3yrs for exisiting contracts. This applies especially in huge cities like Munich and Berlin. (Check out how much rent costs in those cities Rent in the 50 most Expensive cities in Germany)Tenants should withstand noise and dirt caused by renovations for at least 3months without reducing the rent. This applies especially for renovations aimed at improving the energy efficiency of the building what they call modernising.

Tenants can no longer refuse measures taken by the landlord to modernise the building, though they can challenge the landlord’s plans in extreme cases e.g. changing the windows in winter, if the measures undertaken lead to reduction of the living space and in cases of sickness or old age.

Tenants are only allowed to hand in a written notice to challenge the landlord’s plans to modernise the building within 4weeks of receiving the landlord’s letter. Any later renders the notice useless.

The final decision remains the landlord’s. In extreme cases you’re allowed to sue.

Landlords are allowed to cancel contracts at will for the tenants who fail either completely or in part to pay the deposit (Kaution). At risk are those that pay their deposit in instalments.

When a landlord/company acquires rental apartments, they aren’t allowed to kick out the current tenant for at least 3 years and in areas with few rental apartments, this is extended to 10yrs.

Nomadic tenants can also be kicked out ASAP and without notice.

The landlord is only allowed to change the heating, electricity and water provider only if they new provider will not be more expensive compared to the earlier provider.

Below is a video explaining some of the things mentioned above:

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