Microfinance for women in the coast region of Kenya


There’s a Kenyan student writing his thesis on Microfinance at the Coast of Kenya and he’s requesting for your help. Please help by filling the questionnaire below and sending it out to friends and family who can fill it as well.

There is an extensive research about microfinance for women. However, there is limited or no research done for the microfinance for the women of the Coast province of Kenya. The author of this research gathers his information for his research from the extensive literature available. The extensive literature analyzed is used to explain the origin and establishment of microfinance institutions and the role of these institutions in providing collateral free loans to help the poor through structures that are completely opposite to the formal banking system.

The extensive literature explored shows that microfinance has the ability to have a positive impact on poverty reduction and empowerment of women.

With over 70-80% of the natives especially women of the Coast region of Kenya living below the national poverty line, micro finance might be the solution to help improve their lives.

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