Mentorship for Qualified Migrants in Austria

Mentoring für MigrantInnen Austria


“Mentorship for Migrants” is a joint initiative of the Austrian Integration Fund (Österreichischen Integrationsfonds),  the Economic Chamber Austria (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich) and the Employment Service (Arbeitsmarktservice).

The aim of the program is bring together experienced professionals – Mentors – and qualified migrants who are unable to find jobs that match their qualifications – mentees – to help them integrate into the Austrian labor market.
The mentors and the mentees will work together for about six months in charting the best way for entry into the labor market. The mentors will share their experiences, contacts and advice with their mentees.
Who can you apply to be a mentee?
Application Requirements:
• Have an Ausbildung, Matura or higher education
• Have a Migration Background
• German knowledge
• Commitment and sociability
• permission for a paid work in Austria
Application deadlines:
Bundesland Anmeldung bis
Kärnten 31.08.2014
Oberösterreich 31.08.2014
Salzburg 31.08.2014
Steiermark 31.08.2014
Tirol 31.08.2014
Vorarlberg 31.08.2014
Wien 20.10.2014

Application form: here. Enter your details and upload your CV and cover letter.

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