Call for Applications to Join the Ampion Venture Bus


AMPION is a catalyst for entrepreneurship and innovation in the emerging world. We empower entrepreneurial minds to become successful change-makers in their communities and boost private sector growth for development.

We bring together entrepreneurial minds from the fields of IT, design and business who join our 5 day bus tours from around the world. Teams self-organize around exciting ideas for new ventures, and work hard to launch a business and pitch it to a jury of experts and investors at a grand finale.


Business people, designers and coders – we want you!

We’re looking for the best candidates to fill our buses this year. If you are passionate about developing new ideas or creating new businesses, this is the perfect trip. Spend a week with other incredible creators looking to build something great as part of a brilliant road trip.

Being an Ampioneer means you can collaborate with people with skills you don’t have. Have a great idea but lack the technical ability to get it done? Meet coders. Have you developed a great product but don’t know how to take it to market? Meet entrepreneurs. Wish you could present a beautiful business idea with the style it deserves? Meet designers.

Start a successful business with Ampion. Apply now.

Buses are running from September to December 2014

  • West Africa 1: 19.09.2014 – 25.09.2014
  • West Africa 2: 26.10.2014 – 01.11.2014
  • East Africa: October 2014
  • Southern Africa: November 2014
  • North Africa: December 2014

Applications opens on 01.07.2014


Due to varying visa regulations there are different application deadlines for people from outsides the respective region and people within the respective region.

We will admit people on a rolling base, as earlier you submit your application, as higher is the chance to join one of our busses.

  • West Africa 1
    • West African pass holders (no visa needed to travel to Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana and Ivory Coast): 05.09.2014
    • Other passholders: 25.07.2014
  • West Africa 2
    • West African pass holders (no visa needed to travel to Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana and Ivory Coast): 10.10.2014
    • Other passholders: 31.08.2014
  • East Africa
    • East African pass holders (no visa needed for Tanzania, kenya, Uganda, Rwanda): 30.09.2014
    • Other passholders: 01.09.2014
  • Southern Africa
    • all passholders: 01.11.2014
  • North Africa:
    • Northern Africa pasholders (no visa required for Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia): 01.12.2014
    • Other pass holders: 01.11.2014

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