You Know You Grew Up African When……

Meet the Lujwanganas: (l. to r.) Bea, Eliza, Johnson, Mama Vickie, Andrew and Jessica.

If you follow Mkenya, you might have noticed our love for African stories told by us for us. e.g. An African City; Ann Kansiime’s jokes.

Let me introduce you to a very old show, ok not very old but maybe 2 or 3years old. I really loved this family, it was almost like the Cosby show. And their Swa was soooo good, you wouldn’t believe that some of the kids were actually born in the US and those who weren’t had been there for over 10years.



Meet the family:

The show is based on the Lujwanganas, a Tanzanian family living in New York in the US. The family comprises of the mum, “Mama Vicky”,3 daughters (Eliza, Bea, Jesca) and 2 ooohh so handsome sons (Andrew). The father lives in Tanzania and was only featured once.

Learn Swahili:


Episode 1: (Andrew’s Fiesta) New York

Episode 2: (Jesca’s New Car)

Episode 3: Johnson’s Issues

Got you hooked? You can find the rest of the episodes on their Youtube Channel: Growing Up African or check out their webpage: Growing Up African. The show was eventually cancelled and there was no season two but the season one was amazing. I hope they will revive it sometime. I definitely loved Mama Vicky…..she’s just your typical African mum.

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