Mkenya Radio Feb 2014: Real Estate Market, Financial Planning and Becoming an Insurance and Investment Expert in Germany

This month’s Mkenya Radio Show discussed the Real Estate Market and Financial planning. Our insurance and investment expert also gave tips to those interested in venturing into that field.

This was a continuation to the January show that discussed: Insurance Policies and choosing the correct provider.

You can listen to the February recording below and read the questions further down.

Financial Planning

  1. Choosing the correct bank or bank account, what should one be looking out for?
  2. Financial management ideas with Kindergeld
  3. How possible is it for parents to set up trust funds (savings) for their children? Do you need a bulk amount to start up or can it be cumulative over time?
  4. Should one focus on investing in Germany or back home? What kind of invest opportunities are open to African foreigners in Germany?
  5. How does your citizenship affect investing in Germany?
  6. How do you ensure your loved ones are well taken care of even if something happens to you?
  • here in Germany
  • back home who depend on you

Housing and Real Estate

  1. Germany is a renting society, most African countries are owning societies, so should one buy, rent or build?
  2. How much money does one need in order to build or buy a house in Germany?
  3. What are the possibilities of taking a mortgage in Germany especially for foreigners?
  4. What are the mortgage interest rates in Germany?


  1. How did you become a Financial and Insurance expert?
  2. What qualifications does one need?
  3. Is it a protected profession?
  4. Before anyone could become a financial advisor, what has changed now?
  5. Can you take the IHK tests regardless of your degree? Do you even need a degree?
  6. What advice can you give people interested in joining the profession?
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