Where your Income Comes From Determines Whether You Stay Poor or Become Rich

A recent study has shown that your source of income can determine which social class you belong to as well as how much you have in your bank. The poorest in Germany depend most on the state (35%) while the richest have a wide variety of incomes in their portfolio.

The richest don’t necessarily earn the highest from their “day jobs” (50%) but depend least on the state (2%) for help when compared to all other classes. The richest have more than their day jobs, with most having their own side gigs (30%) plus capital investments (10%) and only about 1% coming from the state.

The poorest earn the least from their day jobs (25%), and get the highest support from the state (35%). The middle class earn the highest from their day jobs (67%).

“Just know that it’s fear that keeps most people working at a job. The fear of not paying their bills. The fear of being fired. The fear of not having enough money. the fear of starting over.
That’s the price of studying to learn a profession or trade, and then working for money. Most people become a slave to money… and then get angry at their boss.

Workers work hard enough to not be fired, and owners pay just enough so that workers won’t quit”
Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad Fame (he recently did go bankrupt but still)

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