Germany to Import Foreign Nurses

I think by now most of you know there is a “deficiency” of nurses, especially geriatric nurses in Germany. There are currently over 10,000 positions that need to be filled but there aren’t enough people studying nursing in Germany to fill them nor is Germany attracting enough foreign nurses.

The German government and the Bundesagentur have come up with a new plan to import geriatric nurses from the Philippines. These nurses will attend language classes in their home country and attend “intergration” classes before moving to Germany for the jobs.
The German government has also come up with the same plan with Serbia and Croatia while private companies are already working with Goethe Institute in China to help prepare their potential nurses from there.

Private companies are calling on the government to be flexible and simplify the rules for nurses who might want to move to Germany. Issues like the language requirements are too high, also the constant request for foreign nurses to go back to school here in Germany despite being fully qualified in their home countries.

Off the record: I heard the same project is also running Tanzania currently but haven’t gotten any official report to post. The Tanzanian project though is aimed at the church, with the nurses coming being nuns and not raia.

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