Get paid to take up an Ausbildung

The Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA) does come up with amazing ideas. This time it’s to pay those who agree to take part in Weiterbildung and Umschulung recommended by the BA. So what is the plan you ask, well unemployed youth aged between 25 and 35 who complete the recommended course successfully will receive €1500 while after passing the Zwischenprüfungen, they get €1000.
This is to help reduce the number of unemployed people and increase the number of skilled workers in the Mangelberufe. Mangelberufe are professions with acute shortage of workers. This new plan is aimed to motivate the unemployed to complete these courses they start. Currently only 30% ever successfully complete a course many citing lack of incomes as the main reason they don’t complete the courses.

The program will start this summer in south Thüringen. Depending on its success it shall spread further to other towns.

This comes after the BA announced earlier that all Hartz IV aged between 25 and 35 will have to either take up a Weiterbildung or Umschulung to get a job. (Read here: 25-35year old Hartz IV’s might have to get a new Ausbildung).

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