New Laws and Regulations August 2016

Gesetz Laws

New month, new laws and regulations. Let see what August 2016 brings along with it:

Minimum Wage increase for Elektrohandwerker

Elektrohandwerker will have more cash in their bank accounts at the end of this month. The minimum wage will increase from the current 9,35 Euro to 9,85 Euro in the East and from 10,10 Euro to 10,35 Euro in the West.


Increased BaföG

BaföG has been increased by 7%, with the maximum capped at 735 euros for singles from the current 670 euros. This will come into effect for those who get a new BaföG approved this month, while for all others, it comes into effect at the start of the next Semester in October.

Look out for more detailed article on the new changes


Meister-BaföG graduates to become Aufstiegs-BaföG

This aims at those doing an Ausbildung especially those doing their Meister. In some cases, this will also be available for Bachelor students. The new amounts paid out per month for this BaföG are:

  • Singles increased from 697,00 Euro to 768,00 Euro
  • Single parents increased from 907,00 Euro to 1.003,00 Euro
  • Married with 1 child increased from 1.122 Euro to 1.238 Euro
  • Married with 2 children increased from 1.332 Euro to 1.473 Euro

Look out for more detailed article on the new changes


Stricter Hartz IV Rules

There has been a reform to the Hartz IV rules, in this case the Sozialgesetzbuch (SGB) II. Some of these new rules will make applying for Hartz IV much stricter, though the main objective was to make it more effective.

Beginning this month, applications for will be approved for 12months instead of the 6months. Those on Hartz IV will be allowed to get a One-Euro job for a maximum of 3 years. The Arbeitsamt will take over from the Jobcenter to be issuing Hartz IV payments.

It will now be possible for the Arbeitsamt to deduct other benefits given from the government e.g. BaföG, BAB, from the amount given for Hartz IV. Also delayed handing in of documents may also lead to the applicant having to repay any money already paid out.


Free Choice of Router

Most internet providers in Germany are known to issue routers from specific brands and setting up your internet in such a way, that you can only use their preferred router. Well that changes this month. From now one, you will have the choice of router you can install. Internet providers are barred from refusing clients from changing the router.

However, for Vodafone clients who have contracts from earlier than April 2013, you will have to continue using the given router.


Relaxed Wifi Rules

Currently as the law stands, whoever owns the wifi network is responsible for any illegal undertakings within the network. This has seen very few companies in Germany offering public wifi, for fear of carrying the cross once clients download illegal content.

From this month, this law will be relaxed. The government hopes this encourages more private companies to enter this market.


Discounts at Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn is still on its campaign to increase its numbers. From this month, holders of the 50% and 25% discount card holders will get the same discount on discounted tickets as well. However, one will only be allowed to change their ticket or get a refund a day before the day of travel. It will no longer be possible to get a refund or change the ticket on the d-day.

Buying your ticket on the bus will cost you five euros more at 12,50 Euro. For those that reserve a seat in the train without buying a ticket, it will now cost you 5,90 Euro instead of the current 4,50 Euro.


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