Kenyan Pflegerin tries to suffocate a 91yr old Heimbewohner


Last Wednesday as most people were busy day dreaming about what they would get for Valentine’s, well a Kenyan geriatric nurse (Altenpflegerin) had gone to work drunk and was trying to suffocate one of the old ladies at the home. The Kenyan covered the pensioner’s head with a duvet while pushing her head onto the mattress trying to suffocate her, but she was stopped when one of the helpers heard the lady’s muffled screams.

The police complained about it taking so long before the incident was reported. The nurse was fired and arrested, she’s currently in remand awaiting trial. The police assume that this was caused by an on going fight between the nurse and the pensioner which makes the police assume the nurse wasn’t dangerous to other pensioners at the home.

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