Baby Francis’ Intestines tucked back in

I know many of you have followed this story closely with many of you calling Rose directly to know about progress and how you can help. So here are is a bit of info to let you know how far everything has come and where you can pick up from if you’re still willing to help but haven’t gotten around to it.

I had told you when I posted the first story that Francis had been operated on. The operation was successful and it took place on 8th of Feb. This week on Tuesday on the 12th, Little Francis was able to pass stool. You can understand the issue he had by watching this Colostomy. His little tummy was tucked back in.

According to one of the representatives that visited Rose and Francis at the hospital, Rose would like to learn tailoring. If any of you can help out with making that a reality, it would go a long way.

If you wish to help the family, you can get in touch with the mother of the child, 
Ms Rose Mumbi  Kamau 
+254 714 460 519 

or contribute to her bank account at:
Rose Mumbi Kamau
Acc Nr: 132 019 985 7607
Equity Bank 
Utawala Embakasi Branch

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