Hamburg becomes the third state to allow voting at 16 and changes the durations of a term to 5yrs

This past Wednesday saw the social democrats in Hamburg pass a law allowing children aged 16 to vote. Saying this was to allow “more democracy” in Hamburg. This makes the third State after Brandenburg and Bremen to allow voting at ages lower than 18 which used to be the standard age. The law that was being supported by the SPD, Grünen and Linken, was opposed by CDU who voted against it.

The new reforms also saw the usual term change from 4yrs to 5yrs. So after the next elections set for 2015, the next will be 2020 instead of 2019.

Bremen allowed under 18 voting in 2011, which led the Grünen to try and allow the same in the federation but CDU and FDP have been against it especially for the whole federation.

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