SCHOLARSHIP: Concert Trips to Germany for groups of foreign students

What are the goals of the programme?
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) funds concert and chorus trips for groups of foreign students to Germany under the supervision of a university instructor. The main goals of the programme are:
  •  Establish and cultivate contacts between German and foreign universities
  • Stage concerts in Germany (preferably in collaboration with students of the respective Germany university) and present subject-related information during visits, tours and info meetings in the university sector
  • Encourage contact with German students, musicians and researchers
  • Enable foreign students to gain a better understanding of cultural and political life in Germany

Who can apply?

University instructors from public and state-recognised German universities are eligible to apply.
What is funded?
The programme funds groups of students and doctoral candidates who are currently enrolled at university. The groups must consist of at least five and no more than 50 participants. An additional university instructor may also receive funding to accompany the group.
The maximum funding period is 12 days (including travel days), though trips may last longer if desired. The DAAD awards grants as project funding, comprised of a 50-euro flat-rate allowance per participant per day to offset the cost of travel and accommodation.
The programme does not grant funding on a recurrent annual basis; applicants may submit no more than one application per year. Compulsory excursions and concluded events are not fundable. The DAAD awards funding under the assumption that the universities and other third-party sponsors will also contribute funding in order to keep the personal contribution of each participant to a reasonable
What are the selection criteria?
A selection committee at the DAAD is responsible for reviewing applications for funding. Because resources are limited, experience has shown that grants can be awarded to only a fraction of the proposals which appear likely to achieve the funding goals mentioned above. Applications for trips organised in close cooperation with universities, researchers and students from the host country will receive preferential consideration.
What documents are required?
The complete application includes the following documents:
1. Application form (available on the DAAD Portal). Under the section “Bank account”, please enter the bank account details of your university.
2. Financing plan (available on the DAAD Portal, please fill in fields marked in white) Pages 1 and 2: no information required. Page 3: Please enter the number of participants, planned number of days for which funding is requested (max. 12) and the flat-rate allowance per participant (50 euros). The result is the total amount of requested funding.
3. List of participants (available at, upload as an attachment to the application on the DAAD Portal). Please include the following info for each participant: surname, first name, date of birth, no. of semesters studied, major (subject of study), desired degree and language skills.
4. Statement of motivation and description of programme content (upload as an attachment to the application on the DAAD Portal). Please note, when completing the application form on the portal, we provide space on the first page to briefly outline your project (max. 2,100 characters). Nonetheless, we still require a statement of motivation for your trip and a detailed description of the programme as a separate attachment. The selection committee is particularly interested in projects which plan on arranging a reciprocal visit.
5. Schedule (upload as an attachment to the application on the DAAD Portal), tabular form
6. Description of the thematic preparation for the concert trip in Germany (upload as an attachment to the application on the DAAD Portal).
7. Confirmation of participation (upload as an attachment to the application on the DAAD Portal). This document must explicitly refer to the trip for which funding is being requested, e.g. a statement from the foreign university confirming its intention to participate in the thematic and organisational preparation of the trip (partnership agreements and general agreements of cooperation are not sufficient, but may be submitted with the application if they are no older than two years).
Submission deadline
Applications must be submitted no later than three months prior to the beginning of the trip. Applications are only accepted via the DAAD Portal: 
The selection committee will only consider applications which are complete and submitted on time. The DAAD does not contact applicants to request missing documents.
Contact and further information
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