DAAD Scholarships Threatened in 2014 Budget


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Auswärtige Amt) in Germany is planning to reduce the expenditure for 2014, with the main culprit being Education and Cultural Activities which stand to lose at least 40million for both internal and external scholarships.

DAAD will lose 16million while Schools run by the federal State in foreign countries stand to lose 20million that may lead to shutting down of some of the schools.

The loss at DAAD will be aimed at foreign students who apply for the scholarships. With the reductions, DAAD will cancel at least 1000 scholarship programs for foreign students.

The DAAD is working towards having this revised before it is passed, but that is only possible when Parliament (Bundestag) adjourns in September.

DAAD has sponsored so many great Kenyans and it would be very sad if many of many other Kenyans miss a chance of making it BIG due to this reduction in the budget. Some of the famous Kenyan DAAD scholars include: Wangari Maathai (Nobelpeace prize laureate), Dr. Margret Kamar (Former Minister of Education Kenya), Dr. George Njoroge (Discovered the cure for Hepatitis B), Ken Osinde (Kenyan Ambassador to Germany), Ken Mubea (Remoting and Sensing, Uni Bonn) and many many others.

I definitely hope this decision is revised, we currently have a little over 20 Kenyans coming into Germany every year on a DAAD Scholarship while many others at Kenyan University depend on these scholarships as well.

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