3.08 SCHOLARSHIP: The non-profit Hertie Foundation – horizons – scholarships for prospective teaching staff with a migration background

Application Deadline:
Students 3. Aug
Teachers in preparation 15. Aug

 Programme Description

With the establishment of the scholarship programme for teacher training students and future teachers with a migration background, the non-profit Hertie Foundation (Hertie-Stiftung) aims to achieve an increasing reflection of social reality in teaching environments and to create role models. The financial and ideological support of the Foundation is intended to help outstanding future teachers with a migration background during their training and to gain committed school leavers with higher education entrance qualifications specifically for the teaching profession. Teacher training students and teachers in the practical teacher training work period enrolled in certain institutions of higher education or completing their practical teacher training work period in certain Federal States of Germany can apply. All scholarship holders receive financial and ideological support.

Target Group

The Hertie scholarship programme is aimed at students ready to start academic study, teacher training students and teachers in the practical teacher training work period with a migration background.

Academic Requirements

Applicants for all teaching qualifications, subjects and educational levels who ideally still have at least two years of training (academic study and/or practical teacher training work period) ahead of them at the time of application. A requirement is that the applicant or his/her parents (at least one parent) was/were born outside Germany and immigrated to Germany. Eligible for application to the call for application in 2012/13 are teacher training students

  • at the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main and the TU Darmstadt,
  • at all universities in Berlin
  • at the University of Hamburg
  • The LMU Munich and the Technical University Munich
  • the Universities of Bochum, Dortmund and Duisburg-Essen
  • of the universities in Lower Saxony

well as teachers doing their practical teacher training work period/trainee teachers at teacher training institutions (Studienseminar)

  • in the Rhine-Main area
  • in Berlin
  • in Hamburg
  • in the Ruhr area
  • in the Munich area
  • in Lower Saxony

New students (e.g. school-leavers with higher education entrance qualification) can simultaneously apply for admission to a teacher training course at a relevant university and a Horizonte scholarship. Applicants who do this are asked to draw attention to this fact in their application.  

Scholarship Value

Financial support:
– Study grant of 650.00 EUR per month plus a book allowance of 150.00 EUR per semester
– Training grant for trainee teachers of 1,000.00 EUR per year;
ideological support is also provided. What this includes is detailed here.

Application Requirements

  • Good school/academic achievements or better and a willingness to work hard
  • Personal initiative and commitment (social, at your school, in a sports club,…)
  • Special interest in the teaching profession and ideally some initial experience in teaching
  • Interest in intercultural issues
  • Openness, ability to work in a team and creativity

Application Papers

Step 1: Online application
Step 2: Application by post Complete application documents include:

1. Horizonte application form
2. Tabular CV
3. Letter of motivation
4. Copy of the qualification for admission to higher education
5. Proof of previous academic achievements, if applicable
6. Current certificate of registration, if applicable (school-leavers qualified to enter higher education should provide proof of application for a place to study)
7. Two letters of recommendation, e.g. from a professor/teacher, a mentor during a work placement, from the trainee teacher work period, or from the area of social commitment
Detailed information is provided here.

Hertie Foundation
Frau Astrid Cho
Grüneburgweg 105
Phone: 069 / 660 756 160
Phone: 069 / 60 756 301
Internet: www.horizonte.ghst.de
E-Mail: horizonte@ghst.de 

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