31.10 SCHOLARSHIP: Dr. Ing. Eh. Fritz Honsel Foundation

Application Deadline: 31th October of each year. 

Programme Description
The aim of the Dr.-Ing. Eh. Fritz Honsel Foundation is to sponsor talented young people in commercial and technical professions. For this reason it awards scholarships for students at higher education institutions and universities of applied sciences. In addition however it also supports doctoral candidates working on project-related doctoral theses.

Scientific papers on the subjects of technologies and production techniques in light metal processing are eligible for support from the foundation. Students and doctoral candidates receive 350 euros per semester as a basic grant. Between ten and 15 scholarship holders are sponsored per year.

Target Group
The target group are talented members of the new generation in technical and commercial professions. Support is available to students for academic studies at higher education institutions and universities of applied sciences and to doctoral candidates for project-related doctoral theses.

Academic Requirements
Students and doctoral candidates. At present there is no funding for additional or Master‘s courses.


Scholarship Value
Basic sponsorship amount for students and doctoral candidates is 350 euros per semester

Application Requirements
The foundation preferentially sponsors persons who can be considered the next technical generation in the fields of the technologies and production techniques of light metal processing and are involved in scientific work in these fields.

Application Papers
The application form can be informally requested stating the desired sponsorship and the applicant‘s current occupation.
Attachments to the application:

  1. Certificate of matriculation, C.V., certificates (school, vocational training, work placements, graded academic achievements)
  2. Description of personal financial situation, information on the provenience of the funds that are to be augmented by the requested scholarship (statement of earnings, BAföG notice)
  3. Letter of recommendation (generally from a university teacher/teacher at the educational institution the applicant is enrolled at) containing information on the applicant‘s person and academic studies/occupation.

Dr. Ing. Eh. Fritz Honsel Foundation
c/o Martinrea Honsel Germany GmbH
Frau Ursula Jaschzurski
Fritz-Honsel-Straße 30
59872 Meschede
Internet: www2.honsel.com/karriere/fritz-honsel-stiftung/
E-Mail: stiftung-stipendium@honsel.com 

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