1.07 SCHOLARSHIP: Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst e.V. (EED)

Application Deadline: The closing dates for submission of applications 1st January and 1st July

Programme Description
The Church Development Service (Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst – EED) offers students from third world countries the opportunity of a study visit to Germany. The educational programme aimed at has to be of interest to a partner of the Development Service or be in the interest of the systematic development of educational facilities. An application therefore requires recommendation by the partner institutions. Other factors influencing selection include completion of a degree course and any work experience. The programme supports about 100 scholarship holders every year. Scholarship holders receive a basic sum of 850.00 EUR per month during their course of study. Additional allowances such as for books are also available.

Target Group
The programme is intended for students from developing countries who wish to live in the Federal Republic of Germany for the duration of their studies and then work in their home country or another developing country after completion of their studies, in an effort to make a contribution to the development of that country.

Number of Scholarships

Scholarship Value
Singles and families

  • Monthly basic grant: 850.00 EUR
  • Monthly book allowance: 50.00 EUR
  • Monthly married couples allowance (only for family scholarships): 280.00 EUR
  • Child allowance for up to 3 children, monthly per child (only for family scholarships): 170.00 EUR

Single parents

  • Monthly basic grant: 850.00 EUR
  • Monthly book allowance: 50.00 EUR
  • Monthly allowance for the first child: 280.00 EUR
  • Monthly allowance for the second and third child: 170.00 EUR each


  • Full payment of health insurance contributions
  • Full payment of semester or study fees
  • In-between trip home or job preparatory work placement and study visit in home country
  • Cost of return flight home and fixed freight costs for return within 6 months after last sponsorship payment

The programme also includes non-material, advisory and studies-related support.

Application Requirements
Students with a focus on developing countries in their stage II studies may be eligible for a scholarship. Especially in their stage II studies, students should try to opt for courses related to the developing countries and select subjects for seminar work and final theses related to development policy or to their own country.

Application Papers
Detailed information about the formal requirements is provided in this document.

Frau Susanne Werner
Ulrich-von Hassell-Str. 76
53123 Bonn
Phone: 0228 / 81 01-2209 or 0228 / 81 01-2208
Fax: 0228 / 81 01-1 60
Internet: www.eed.de
E-Mail: stipendienreferat@eed.de

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