Further Details on Contributing to Crispin Odera’s Return Home

Hey People,

As promised for those interested in helping out send the remains of Crispin Odera back home, here are the details:

People are meeting in the below mentioned locations. In all these locations there’s a form for those willing to contribute. Due to the deadline, well wishers are requested to only bring the money to one of these locations, or get in touch with Gilbert Onyango +491 799 511 837 on how to contribute. If you would like to contribute but live far from these locations you can also transfer the money to friends in the area to deliver it.

Kwa Lucy
Fredrich-Wilhelm Strasse 61
47051 Duisburg

La Pirogue
St. Antonstrasse 23
47798 Krefeld

Ostwall 81
47798 Krefeld

Those in charge have been able to raise €1500 already and will have to raise the rest latest by Monday or the body will be buried here.

Crispin Odera passed on in hospital in Krefeld, NRW and not in Stuttgart as earlier reported by Citizen TV Kenya. More details here: Former Kenyan Boxing Champion dies in Germany

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