IEBC employing Election Personnel in Diaspora

For those interested in helping make the elections in the Diaspora (Germany) a reality, you can apply for jobs at the IEBC.

VRC-D will be contracted:-
  • For a period not exceeding forty five (45) days during voter registration;
  • For sixty (60) days to the General elections; and
  • For a wage of (USD. 60) for each day worked for the Commission;
  • Register voters at the country /mission station within the stipulated period;
  • Ensure accurate entry of voter details in the voters register;
  • Ensure safe custody of registration material and BVR equipment during the registration exercise; and
  • Adhere to the Commissions values and goals
Job Description
  • Legally residing in the country of residence;
  • Form four graduates with a C- and above or equivalent;
  • Computer literate with IT certification;
  • Competent in arithmetic and computations;
  • Willing to work for long hours with minimal supervision; and
  • Persons with integrity and willing to abide with the Commissions values, ideals and norms.
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