Kenyan FÖJer

For those that don’t know, FÖJ is like the FSJ meaning a year of volunteering but this focuses on the environment and ecology. Clive Omiti Omolo is one of the few Kenyans that has undertaken FÖJ instead of the usual FSJ.

He is one of the only 4 foreigners undertaking this in Koppelsberg. He started in April this year and will be working at the Weltladen TOP21 in Elmshorn. He’s also be working as an “ambassador” for Kenya where he’ll be visiting schools and sharing with the kids about his country, the culture, the language etc.

Fortunately for Clive, he applied and got a position in the FÖJ this year the Federal government had reduced the funding for FÖJ but will increase it again next year, so for those interested next year will have even more space.

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