Ruling is out on the extra fast student’s case

Remeber the student that studied extra fast? Check here. He was sued by his Uni for studying too fast and not paying the rest of the time, which logically he didn’t have to pay for because he wasn’t studying anymore. Well the ruling is out.

According to the court, if you study in less than the stipulated time at a private university, then you do have to pay for the extra time that you spend outside the school. This is because the fee at a private school is set and agreed upon when one is registered making it legally binding unlike for the public universities.
The defendant argued that dropouts weren’t expected to continue paying after they left but the court clarified that unlike the dropout that leaves without anything, Mr Pohl had enjoyed all stipulated perks of being a student at the FOM.  
Mr Pohl and his lawyer will look further into the case and decide whether to appeal or not. Mr Pohl is currently pursuing his doctorate at a private British university as he continues his job at the Bank in Frankfurt.

Vituko. Now my question is (bare in mind, I know nothing about law) wouldn’t that mean then that those that study longer than the stipulated time should not pay for the extra Semesters as they would have completed their fee already?? Any learned friend (heard that’s what lawyers call one another, guess I shouldn’t call them that coz I’m not a lawyer, but I digress) to clarify this issue to the mere mortals?

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