Student sued by University for studying too fast

Wonders never cease, so this week a student has been sued by the University for completing their studies too fast for the University’s liking. The former student, Marcel Pohl, completed his bachelor plus masters at the private University for Economy and Management (FOM) in a record 4 semesters instead of the recommended 11.

He also did his internship within the 4 semesters and this has left the Uni, FOM infuriated. Now FOM has gone to the courts and is demanding that the student pay for the full period he should have studied. Now Marcel together with his 2 other friends, the so called 3 Speed Musketeers, who all completed their studies in 4 semesters will have to go to court.

The University argues that they calculate the “price” of the degrees and the semester fees paid isn’t just for that semester but a part of the whole price, meaning that the semester fee is a form of “Ratenzahlung”. My question to this is, do the students that study longer then stop paying after the said 11semesters? They do the same value for their money ama?

If you’re wondering how they were able to accomplish this feat, well it wasn’t that complicated. They subdivided the compulsory classes they had that ran parallel to one another and after the classes they swapped notes so each was up to date with what was going on in the other classes, then took exams like crazy and voila, within 2yrs they were done.

With a GPA of 2.3 from his speed learning the 22 year old now works at a Bank in Frankfurt with the amazing results he got from the speed learning.

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