Kenyan Passes away in Düsseldorf

It’s with great regret and sorrow that I announce the passing of one of us. Pamela from Düsseldorf passed away this past week after a long struggle with cancer. (Edit: Apparently, it was discovered too late, they only knew about it a week before she died. According to sources, she was unwell and when she went to hospital they found out she had cancer; 2weeks later she passed on.) She will be buried this coming Thursday on the 28.06.2012 in Düsseldorf. The service on Thursday starts at 11:20am at the Kapelle at the Northfriedhof in Düsseldorf. The attendants are asked to meet at the entrance of the Kapelle at 11am.

If you would like to help out in raising funds to bring her siblings over to bid her farewell, you can contribute by calling Eva for details on where to send the money. If you would like to attend the funeral, please call Eva as well and plan on meeting point.

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