Firestorm by Abibigromma

This was a play showing the Theater an der Ruhr in Mülheim an der Ruhr by a group from Ghana called the Abibigromma. If you haven’t watched any of their shows, make time and go see it at a theater near you. Check my calendar here for dates in different cities they are here for only a month. The show was amazing, the colours, the music, the singing, the dancing….if you love musicals, you should definitely make time and go watch one of these. They have Firestorm (the Acapella musical), the Folktunes (Song Abend) and The Baobab (the play). If you can, go see it. If you can’t check this link they have the pictures and even some of the songs….click here
Firestorm is a play on empowering women, set in a small Ashanti village in Ghana governed by the laws of the ancestors, a King and a council of elders. The musical focuses on a young girl, Echan, and her friends who decide to defy the norm and decide to fight for their rights.
I think pictures are worth more words that me blabbing….so here they are…enjoy.
The traditional talking drums from Ghana


The crowd


The guy that organized for their trip


The intro, wanted to join them as they danced…..


The singing


and the dancing….and the bright colours


Echan and friends called before the elders and the King


The “Ninjas” revenge on one of their friends’ husband for mistreating their friend
A sleepy lover


wondering whether to sleep or keep dreaming about his lover


Only to hear, their secret whistle and he whistles back


Romeo and Juliet


Mapenzi kizunguzungu


Palace guard…the muscles


The lover and the harassed husband before the King


The harassed wife


Singing solidarity songs after their friend deflected


Arrival of the guard


The court trial, headed by the Ohemaa and Ohene


Esha’s father also the high priest disowns her


The King and his Queen


The Sentencing


Echan standing her ground


Clan of elders and the King discussing Echan’s disrespect


When Echan was sentenced to death


Mourning their leader


The King mourning the Queen and Echan
The cast


For those that watched Sting in a Tale, this guy was there….very funny guy
Cast introduced
A short discussion with the director of the play
The Beauties and the cast members


Even more beauties
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