BSc. in Pflegewissenschaft After Ausbildung in Pflege

Goethe Uni Frankfurt
Hallo people, today I share a story sent to me by Jael, a student at University of applied sciences Fulda studying Pflegewissenschaft and she was willing to share a bit about her experiences as well a few of her future plans. If you are interested in this field, this might give you a bit more insight into this field. This is a great option for those that did an Ausbildung in Pflege and would like to continue on to Uni.
Hallo hope you are fine,
Well I checked your blog and it is really interesting and it is very informative.
What I was doing last time was actually praktikum that we do between the first and third semester. That means every Semester we do a one month praktikum during Semester Ferien. This is because am studying Pflege Wissenschaft and since I didn’t do ausbildung before, I’m forced to work almost 2500hrs. Taking this course without a prior Ausbildung is not allowed in all the Hochschule/Universities. In Hessen, Fulda (where am now), Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt etc allow this but in NRW, this is not offered. After the Bachelor you can do a one year praktikum and write staatexamen.
There are so many foreigners especially from Cameroon because they know afterwards someone can get a job very fast without geting married oder……like for me I would like teach nurses and for that case after my bachelor I will go ahead and do this one year praktikum then write the stattexamen so that I can get a job anywhere in Germany.
I’m in my 4th semester now and I will be doing my big internship in Finnland in Kokkola , this will be from September, it takes one semester but I will be there for 3 and half months. My professor recommended finland to me, he told me in Kokkola all the subjects are in English and the hospital where I will be doing my practicals is an international hospital so I won’t really need to learn finnisch 😀 . He also told me this will be very good for me especially when looking for a job.
About finances, the university will support me but not fully and if you have a mean grade of atleast 2.3 till the time of application in all the subjects, you can apply for a scholarship 6month before. If you are married you can apply for Auslandsbafög (special bafög for ausland semester).

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