African Blogs and Vlogs in Germany You Need to Check-out

There’s a misconception that’s perpetuated about the inexistence of the African and Black communities in Germany. Some even argue that the Black People in Germany are a new phenomenon, a fact that is negated by history.

However, I’m glad to see the African and Black Community in Germany, the Afro-Deutsche using the available platforms to share their stories and experiences living in Germany. It’s good to see this section of the German community becoming more visible. May these platforms ensure that we are seen, that our stories are shared and that we write our history.

This list is definitely not exhaustive, but here are some of the blogs and vlogs, I’m enjoying from the African, Black and Afro-Deutsch community in Germany.



Brenchie’s Blog (EN)

This blog is run by Brenda, and in her own words “I started this blog initially to capture my ‘runnings’ then went on to include the books I’m reading and now about almost anything and everything I encounter as the days go by. Simply an attempt at writing and why not?”  You can check the blog here.

Every One Wants to Be in Style (DE)

A fashion and photography blog run by Stephanie. When we first featured her in 2013, she was 15. Meet the 15 Year Old Kenyan German Blogger 

Her photography skills are amazing and if you love beautiful pictures, this is a great blog to check out. Find her on her Blog: Every One Wants to Be in Style

GleichAnders (DE)

GleichAnders is a blog written by a Kenyan lady living in Austria. She lived in Germany as an au pair and later moved to Austria. Her blog is about her life, her view about living in Austria and just her thoughts. It’s authentic and gives an interesting view to life. Find the blog here.

Looks like Berlin (DE)

Is a fashion blog run by a Kenyan-born, German raised stylist from Berlin. Linda, shares her fashion looks and tidbits about her family and friends. You can check out her blog here.

The Foreigner’s Journal (EN)

This is an every day blog on the life and thoughts of Caroline, a Kenyan blogger, author and HR-Professional. We featured her story and her first book here: Caroline Adhiambo Jakob, a Kenyan-German Author Who’s a Self Declared Kati and Blada Champion

You can enjoy her musings on her blog here.


Afro-Biz Germany (EN)

If you want to keep up with African events from across Germany, this is the channel to check out. Albeit Nigerian and Berlin leaning, they do strive to feature other events as well.

Around 20 (DE)

Around 20 is a talk show by three ladies originally from Congo but grew up in Germany. Every week they get in different guests and discuss different issues. “Schweigen war Gestern” is their tagline, which definitely fits their whole concept.

Crystal’s Take (DE and EN)

Crystal, a Kenyan living in Kenya but has visited Germany several times, blogs about her life and opinions. If you’re trying to learn German, this is a great vlog to encourage yourself and help with the articulation of words and getting used to listening to the language on more kawaida topics.

Irene Asamoah (DE)

Irene is a German of Ghanaian descent and vlogs on fashion, make-up and different life topics. If you like extensions and need tips on how to get them right, Irene is your go to girl.

She is hilarious. If you like some comedy in the vlogs you watch, then Irene’s vlog will give you that. She also appears on Yeboah’s Blogs once in a while.

Milly Onyaye (EN)

Milly is a Kenyan that loves fashion and style, and vlogs about it. We shared her story here: Kenyan Blogger Taking Fashion Blogging in Germany a Notch Higher

Miss Sharz (EN)

For your fix on make-up and hair tutorials, Miss Sharz is the vlog to check out. Especially for those with 4c hair, this is a vlog with tips that actually work for that hair type. She also features tips for doing men’s and children’s hair.

Sharon is a Kenyan and is based in Berlin. We featured her many many moons ago, you can read her story here: Showcasing Kenya at the Friedrich-List Schule in Berlin

Proud Chocolate (Swanglish)

This vlog is run by Terry, a Kenyan living in Germany. Her videos are about her lived experience in Germany and just enjoying good food, friendships and music. She’s very open about sharing details on challenges she has faced in Germany, which is great for anyone who might be going through something and thinking they are the only ones. Her stories are real, yet very inspiring. We shared her story here:

Real Talk (DE)

A group of German-born Africans from in and around Cologne. They have interesting discussions from identity as an Afro-Deutsch, relationships and general living.

Yeboah Vlogs (Denglish with a sprinkle of Twi)

Yeboah Vlogs is a vlog on Youtube, although it’s run by Chris Yeboah, there is a group of young people that take part in most of the videos. They are young, real and simply hilarious. Most of those in the group have parents from Ghana but were born in Germany or relocated here when they were minors. If you’re looking for comedy, this is the place to find it and they dance so well.

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