Kenyan Accused of Killing German Husband to be With Kenyan Lover

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A Kenyan lady from Bonn has been accused of plotting to have her husband killed.

Although the lady may have committed a crime, she continues to walk around freely and is currently on holiday in Kenya.

The story goes that the lady was married earlier by an old man, with whom she had her first child. When that relationship didn’t work out, the lady moved on with her child and got married to the second man who was quite old but had a well established business and they had yet another child together.

The man knowing his time would soon be up, had taught his wife the runnings of his company and shortly before his death, the wife had understood the ropes and could run it on her own. However, the lady seemed to have other plans. She had a continuing relationship with a young man at the Kenyan coast. Only hindrance to their relationship was the existence of her husband.

While on holiday in Kenya last December, the lady organised to spend time with her parents together with her children leaving her husband at the hotel. During this absence, the man was attacked and killed by unidentified assailants.

According to one source that posted the story on Facebook,

a young kenyan woman gets married to a “fossil” as you call them. The german dude has a company and he being a good hearted guy takes the wife and children in. They were married for 8 yrs.The gal had learnt the tricks of the husband’s company and could relatively run the company on her own. She makes a plan. She has a BEN 10 in Kenya who plans for the demise of her husband. They plan their usual holidays to kenya (German hubby + her Children-one from a previous fossil and one with her current) at some hotel appartment and the plan is rolled. Her husband is found dead in the appartment as she and her children were at her parents. Some one came in and did the dirty job! Now she has the company and her kenyan boyfie and children ,pretended to wail at the funeral when all along she had even bought a black dress to his funeral and had tried it on before they slaughtered him- WELL, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!


*Lady's identity hidden as these are unconfirmed reports. For those who're still curious, you can find out her identity by checking out FB.
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