New Laws and Regulations October 2018

Kama kawa, new month means new laws and regulations. October definitely has more in store than September did, may be because people are back from their annual vacation.


Terminating Contracts via Email

Cancellation of contracts has so far always required a signed letter. However, from this month onward, it will be possible to cancel a contract via email without a signature. This will apply to all contracts apart from a work contract.  

Right to a Medication Plan

Any patient that is required to take more than three different drugs, will now have a right to a medication plan from their doctor. Until now, patients were required to create a plan themselves. From October, the doctor must prepare the plan in writing and the pharmacists can update it at the request of the patient.

Stricter Lead Limits in Toys

For those with kids, here are some good news. The EU has set much stricter limits for lead in children’s toys. Instead of the previously allowed 13.5 milligrams, only 2 milligrams of lead per kilogram of chalk will be allowed. Liquid material, for example, finger paints, may only contain 0.5 instead of 3.4 milligrams per kilogram of lead. This new law comes into effect on 28th October.

New Questions in the Theory Driving Exam

If you’re still learning how to drive and have a theoretical exam coming up, be ready to get some extra questions that were previously not there. From October, 60 questions in the exam questionnaire will change with 28 new questions.

Bye bye ZDF Kultur und EinsPlus

These two public channels were shut down last night due to financial constraints, there are however plans to start a new channel targeting the youth (who were the target of the two channels). The new channel will only be available online.

More Transparency in Bank Accounts and Insurance products

After numerous complaints from consumers who suffered great damage because of poor advice by insurance brokers, from October 1st insurers must comply with stricter rules to properly advice clients on buying insurance (IDD Directive).

As of 31 October 2018, financial institutions must provide consistent and easy-to-understand information about the cost of their bank account services. Consumers in the EU Member States also receive free access to at least one certified comparison website. The new Payment Accounts Act (Zahlungskontengesetz) transposes the EU Payment Accounts Directive (EU-Zahlungskontenrichtlinie).

All public tenders to be posted online

In an attempt to offer equal opportunity to SMEs, public tenders from municipalities, the state or on federal level will have to be posted online. Offers that are not made electronically will then no longer be considered.

First Batch to Achieve Max. Employee Leasing Limit

It has been 18 months since the Temporary Employment Act (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz) came into effect in April 2017. The first batch of temporary employees (Zeitarbeiter) have reached the maximum leasing period and have therefore two choices, to either get a job in the company they were assigned to, or to get reassigned to a new company.

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