Planning to extend your study time? You might get a fine for that

Goethe Uni Frankfurt
The Land tag in Sachsen recently passed a law declaring that any student that extended their study time by more than 4 Semesters from the recommended duration will have to pay a fine.Since a few semesters ago, most Universities in Germany have no tuition fees, but the Land tag in Sachsen ruled that those that extend their study time would have to pay the tuition fee from the 5th Semester above the regular study time.

Sachsen has decided that a Bachelor program should last between 6 and 8 Semesters and the fine should be atleast €500 per Semester but the University holds the right to increase the amount. No maximum limit is given to how much the fine can be. The fine will apply to those who’ve been registered this winter semester and will not apply to those students with kids, disabilities or are chronically ill.

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