Auma Obama in town


The last time I featured Auma on the blog someone asked if I could keep them updated when she was in town again. So here is your chance, she’s been here since early October. She had a podium discussion on 18th October in Mannheim with Mats Berencreutz, you can read about what they discussed here. Auma always has some strong points during discussions which are very relevant and worth noting for most of us.
If you’d like to meet up with Barack’s sister before she goes back to Nairobi, you can attend:

The Sustainable Business and Consumption (SusCon) in Bonn where she’ll be the Keynote speaker: more details The event will be on the 27th and 28th of Nov 2012.

End of the month she’ll be speaking in Karlsruhe on Flucht und Migration: more details here

Read about her new foundation Sauti Kuu and the travelling ball: Sauti Kuu – Auma Obama’s new Foundation; She talked about Sauti Kuu while in Rehau in August:

What stood out to me was when she says, the kids she was helping felt “ENTITLED” to the help they were getting and this usually kept them from taking any action towards helping themselves.

She was in Leipzig in August, watch her here:
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