Two Kenyan Asylum Seekers Arrested in Brandenburg for Disorderly Conduct Under the Influence and for Assault

A few days ago saw two Kenyan men, both of whom are asylum seekers, got arrested for disorderly conduct under the influence and for assault. One of the incidents was in Henningsdorf in Oberhavel while the other was in Tetlow in Potsdam-Mittelmarkt both in the northern state of Brandenburg.

The first incident was at the refugee camp on Potsdamerstrasse in Tetlow, where a fight broke out between a 27 year old Eritrean and he 29 year old Kenyan. According to the police, the fight that started with only words being hurled, escalated when the Eritrean hit the Kenyan with a tree branch that lie beside him. Angered by the act, the Kenyan reached for a broken bottle and rammed it so hard into the Eritrean’s chest that a rescue helicopter had to be called in to fly the victim to a hospital in Berlin for treatment. The Kenyan was arrested by the police and charged for assault.

This is however not the first time such a bloody incident is taking place in this particular asylum home. Close to two years ago in May 2015, another fight ensued and a 35 year old Somalian refugee at the time stabbed another refugee and killed him.

The second incident involved yet another Kenyan refugee, a 24 year old man based in the asylum home in Stolpe. The young man that was drunk at the time insisted in going into another asylum home, which was not where his room was. According to the police, the security guard at the home tried to block him from entering when the Kenyan pulled out a 30 centimeter long knife and threatened to stab the guard. The security guard called the police and the young man ran away. When the police arrived at the scene, they found the young man chilling in his room. He was later taken into police custody. Tested revealed that the man was drunk with about 1.71 per mille alcohol in his blood.

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