Daughter to Kenyan Olympic Champion Murdered in Reconvilier, Switzerland

A Kenyan lady was found dead in her apartment in Reconvilier, after police were called in by neighbours. The perpetrator was arrested at the scene.

Wednesday night shortly before 7pm, the Bernese cantonal police were called in by neighbours following a violent dispute at the Rue Jolimont in Reconvilier. On arrival, they found the lifeless body of a woman in the apartment.

“According to the autopsy carried out by the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Bern, the victim succumbed to serious injuries caused by a blunt object,” the police said.

The apartment building where the lady’s body was found [Le Nouvelle Liste]
The lady that had been stabbed severally, was identified as the wife to “the white Kenyan”, a Swiss athlete nicknamed for his love for Kenya and running. According to Le Martin, the victim was the daughter of Julius Korir, a gold medalist who won the 3,000m steeplechase for Kenya at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

The perpetrator was found at the scene and showed no signs of resistance when he was arrested. A knife was also found at the scene but the police have not confirmed whether it was the weapon used.

“The alleged perpetrator was apprehended at the scene,” said the police, without specifying whether it is a runner hosted in Rue Jolimont by the couple to enable him to train. “He was also injured during the dispute,” the Bernese policeman observed. The relationship between the victim and the perpetrator has not been established but the police confirmed that the victim knew the perpetrator.

The 30 year old geriatric nurse and her husband are well known for their love for running and for hosting most of Kenya’s elite runners coming to attend the Morat-Friborg Marathon. Her husband and their 3 and a half year old son are currently in Kenya, where the husband is overseeing the building of their home.

Speaking to RTS from Kenya, the husband was devasted by the news. “I would very much like to end my life in Kenya,” he said.

The wife had made a call to her in-laws shortly before her death, a call the in-laws perceived as a call for help.

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