Kenyan Azubi Carving Out a Niche in the Kenyan Music Scene in Germany

Gaudencia Odada Gal Dee

Gaudencia Odada aka Gal Dee, has a heart wreathing laughter that lifts you from the lull of the German ambience to the coastal town of Kenya. She is a Coasterian at heart, exhibiting warmth and politeness.

Her voice rings with a rich presence, the conversation resonated a connection to Mombasa, home of to the cool oceanic breeze, and Swahili culture. In her interjections of perfect Kiswahili, coming a top of resounding laughter, the songbird can be described in one word, “vibrant”.

Gal Dee was born and raised in Mombasa, where she attended Ukunda Primary school and later joined Kiambeni Girls’. It was at Kiambeni Girls’ where she became popular among the high school entertainment circles. She awed her friends with her own compositions and dances, and sometimes stole shows on the stage during dining hall entertainment sessions. It was here that her singing prowess was birthed.

It would see her recording not one but 4 songs in a studio in Mombasa, 3 in Zouk and one in an Afro beat fusion.

Her first hit, “Mahaba” takes a love story line. In the song, she emphasizes the need for people in relationships to acknowledge that it is normal to have misunderstandings, but they can be resolved by patiently talking about issues, understanding each other and forgiveness.

The songstress has developed a niche in Afro-fusion and Zouk and is currently living in Germany, writing and producing songs. Gal Dee is also an Azubi in Medical Laboratory and hopes that in the end her three-year training, she can work as a health professional and continue recoding her music.

Her passion for music, is attributed to her ability to tell societal stories in songs like “Mahaba” and “Nieleze”. The latter she says was derived from a true experience of her ever fighting neighbours back in Mombasa.

So far, Gal Dee has 4 singles under her belt: Mahaba (2015), Nieleze (2014), Chanda na Pete (2014) and Mi ni Wako (2013).

Apart, from the Ausbildung and song writing, she is a loving wife to her German husband whom she describes as a very humble man and enjoys spending time with him at home.

Gal Dee is hopeful that with her marketing endeavours both in Kenya through radio, television, social media and DJs, her music is prone to be something to celebrate about.

“Positive feedback from my fans is the fuel that ignites my burning fire to keep on singing and communicate messages to audiences. I believe my songs can help people handle delicate issues that have to do with human relations”. She explains.

Although penetrating the Germany entertainment scene has not been easy for the 25-year-old song bird, support from her loving family back in Kenya and in Germany, acts as building blocks to her constant efforts to improve and better her skills.

Gal Dee feels that she has a lot to give back to the society through music, she is convinced that, her songs could have a positive impact of people’s life’s especially those who have chosen to take a career in the limelight.

Her words of wisdom, “everyone has a potential, one needs just to know what they want in life, and should not lose a minute to go for it. It all starts by believing in oneself”.

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