Haus Mühlenbrock: Serving Kenyan Cuisine in Schermbeck

Carol Stephan Mühlenbrock

If you are searching for a fusion of a German and Kenyan cuisine, look no further, Carol and Stephan Mühlenbrock have combined a rich menu with regional delicacies from marinated beef to hot veggies and meat samosas which are an all-time Kenyan favourite.

We featured Carol a couple of years ago when she graduated as the “Kammerbeste” and it’s great to see her growing bigger by the day and seeing her achieve more professionally. (READ: Kenyan Completes her Chef Ausbildung as the Kammerbeste)

Carol grew up in Kenya where she studied law, before moving to Schermbeck a decade ago. When she arrived in Germany in her mid -20s, she was met with a rude shock, after learning that her law degree was not recognized. She had a choice either to start a new career, or change jobs.

Carol told that she chose the second option. She found a job as a waitress, and began working at the Hohes Ufer in restaurant in Gahlen. This turned out to be a lifetime decision when she met her husband, Stephan Mühlenbrock. She trained as a chef, and specialized in sampling Kenyan dishes that soon became sought after. Carol says, she enjoys cooking as it comes naturally adding that her grandfather and great-uncles were also chefs.

Carol, Anna, Jan und Stephan MühlenbrockThis February, the couple opened their new restaurant that can host up to 120 guests in Weseler Straße, and serve German as well as Kenyan dishes ranging from Hecheltjen, Sauerbraten, lamb stew with almonds, apricots and raisins. They also plan to introduce game meat on the menu.

Her secret ingredients, a combination of various vegetables and fresh ground spices cardamom, clove, cinnamon and cumin give the dishes a warm, fiery flavour. For their German guests, Carol and Stephen utilize local German products – chickpeas and tomato sauce or mango chutney, beetroot mango salad, caramelized pumpkin or pumpkin on red beans.

The restaurant also blends German and Africa décor, complete with Maasai sculptures and paintings. Stephan and Carol Mühlenbrock are not quite finished, they intend to expand their establishment to offer rooms and an open beer garden in summer. They also plan to host an African Festival in June.

The African buffet is available every first Friday of the month at 6pm (18.00 Uhr) at a cost of 27,80 euros, only on reservation. An online booking can be made at

The team is also looking for a chef to support Carol. The applicant doesn’t have to be experienced in African cuisine. For inquiries and registration for the African Fest, call the number 02853 2480.

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