Kenyan Passes Away in Duisburg: Looking for Next of Kin

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A Kenyan lady has passed away in Duisburg and the German authorities together with the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin are looking for the next of kin.

The lady has been identified as Esther Nthamo Kathondi Politt. She was born on 9th September 1968 in Matuu in Machakos County.

Esther got married to her German husband Mr. Politt in Kilifi before moving with him to Germany. They have since divorced and lived separately during her death. She is believed to have been away from Kenya for close to 18years since her last visit in 1997.

Esther passed away on 5th November 2015 in a hospital in Duisburg. She is however registered under two addresses, one in Duisburg and another in Düsseldorf.

Anyone with information on who she is, who her family is or how her family can be reached, please provide the information to the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin:

Salome Lemlem, Head of Consular – 030 2592660


UPDATE: Esther’s family has been found and contacted to decide on the way forward. Thank you to all who took time to share the post and help find the family

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