Kenyan Honoured at the World Refugee Day Celebrations in Magdeburg

Mariam Stavisky (Mimi)
Kenyan activist Mariam Stavisky (Mimi)

Yesterday was the World Refugee Day and as refugees, activists and politicians met in Magdeburg, they took time in their schedule to remember and honour the memory of a Kenyan activist and former refugee, Mariam Stavisky (Mimi).

Mimi came to Germany as a minor and had gone through a lot before she eventually turned to activism. He fight for the rights of asylum seekers in Germany continues to live on despite her death. The film below was played at the event in her memory. Further down is another documentary she did before her death.

Mimi passed in December last year and her remains were sent to Kenya where she was laid to rest. The community she lived and worked with and for, came out to make her last wish possible. They also went further to help finance her daughter’s education.

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