Help Find Missing 22-year Old Kenyan from Münster

William Ngala
The 22 year old missing Kenyan, William Ngala, pictured here hanging out with friends at a recent event.


A young Kenyan man from the city of Münster is missing and the police require your help to find him.

The 22 year old William Ngala, who is originally from Mombasa was last seen on Sunday morning at 4am at the B-Side of the harbor after a cultural event. His friend with whom they’d gone to the party with, didn’t think much about not seeing William as he assumed William had cycled home to the Kreuzviertel where he lived with his mother and three brothers.

It wasn’t until Monday when the said friend found out from William’s family that William was missing and could not be reached. William’s bicycle was found at the harbor, parked right where he had when they arrived on Saturday for the party.

Ngala William
The missing William Ngala from Münster.

William is no stranger in Münster, well known as an actor for his engagement with the Jugendtheaters Cactus in Münster. After his Abitur at the Paulinum, he enrolled at the Folkwang- Hochschule in Essen to train in acting. Due to his passion for acting, he has been featured in numerous plays thus his popularity. “Theater is his thing,” Barbara Kemmler, director of the Jugendtheaters Cactus says when asked about William.

The police and the fire fighters have been looking for William since Monday. On Wednesday, the police brought along the sniffer dogs to help with the search. The dogs picked up Williams scent at the harbour and followed the trail until the edge of the water’s edge. This has led to fears that William might have drowned.

The police divers from the Bochum department were unavailable on Wednesday due to prior engagements, but came in on Thursday to help out in the search. Using digital underwater cameras and sonar boat, the police spent Thursday looking for William.

“The water surface where the missing person may be located, is relatively large,” police spokeswoman Antonia Linne Brink said.

“The area the sniffer dogs had indicated has been checked. We could not find anything there”, Brink said on Friday afternoon.

police diver fire fighter
A policeman and diver from the Bochum department, joined by a member of the fire fighters at the harbour in Münster, searching for William.

“The crew of a sonar boat made no findings on their radar screen,” Maren Gerard, head of the Bochum deployment unit says: “The view beyond four meters deep is extremely poor, our people have to virtually grope in the water.”

The search on Thursday only went on for 2 hours beginning from the Kaimauer, where William had parked his bike. A diver went in with a replacement standing by, however due to the current temperatures, the divers couldn’t spend more than 50 minutes in the icy waters. Luckily, the harbour has very little to no transport thus simplifying the work of the search team.

Despite the extensive search, the police still need clues from anyone who might have seen the young man anytime between Saturday evening when he arrived at the harbour and today. You might have seen him or have any information, please contact the police: 0251 275-0.

The search will continue early Friday morning and shall be extended to the whole harbour. What happens next has not been decided yet.

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