Kenyans in Germany Can Now Apply for IDs from the High Commission in the UK

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As the current Kenyan law stands, no Kenyan aged above 18 years of age, can renew their passport without a valid Kenyan ID.

For those who moved to Germany before getting an ID in Kenya and those whose children would like to keep both Kenyan and German citizenship, you usually have to travel to Kenya to get the ID then be able to renew your passport. This whole process can be cumbersome and somewhat expensive.

Last year Mkenya wrote on the issue, “Enable Kenyans in Europe to Apply for IDs via the Embassy” and the Embassy listened 😉

A middle ground was found and now instead of Kenyans in Germany being forced to go to Kenya to get the IDs, we can now apply from the Kenyan High Commission in London.


Documents required for the application:

  • A valid Kenya passport
  • A duly filled application Form (ID Card Application Form)
  • Applicant’s birth certificate
  • A copy of either of the parents’ New Generation Identity card
  • Two Passport size photographs(most recently taken)



1. Call the High Commission in London BEFORE you travel. Confirm with the Commission on what other documents you might need depending on your situation, plus the nitty gritty of whether or not you need to hand in the application and whether or not you need to also pick the ID yourself.

2. Please note your passport has to be valid when you start this process. Preferrably start this process at least a year before your passport expires and you have enough time to apply for both documents.

3. On the many details about tribe, Clan, Village, District etc, use the details from your parent’s ID. In most cases those details should be areas in Kenya and not in Germany.

3. The last part that should be filled by the chief, will be filled by the Commissioner in the UK. Don’t fill it.

In cases of doubt, call Mr. Wamela (030-259266-0 or 030-259266-22) in Berlin and he will follow up on the process for you.



PS: A Mkenya reader had tried this approach late last year to get the Identity card, and according to him, the High Commission told him he couldn’t get the ID because he was trying to replace a lost ID. “To apply for an ID in London would only workout if I wasn’t applying for the first time“, he wrote.

However, Mkenya spoke to Mr. Wamela last week and he confirmed that the process was now open to all of us including those renewing and replacing old IDs. Please let us know if you have issues with the application process or call Mr. Wamela directly……

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