Kenyan Activist Passes Away in Berlin

Mimi Berlin

A Kenyan activist, Mariam Stavisky, has passed away in Berlin.

Mariam who is best known as Mimi, has been an activist and fighter for women and asylum rights in Berlin.
She passed away suddenly on Wednesday in Neuköln Berlin.

Mimi came to Germany as a minor, orphaned and with nowhere to go, she sought asylum. She was taken in and sent to a foster home. She her life moved between foster homes and families until she was old enough to fend for herself.

Although her application had been accepted and she was given German citizenship, she remained active in the asylum circles as an activist. Earlier this year she joined the asylum seekers in Berlin who protested for close to a month. Sleeping in tents and with no food, she stayed there with them in solidarity. We shared her interview on Mkenya: Kenyan Shares on Being an Underage Asylum Seeker in Germany.

Mimi will remain an integral reminder to many, to continue fighting for what is right even if it doesn’t directly affect you.

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