Trust in Professions Kenya vs Germany. Mistrust in Politicians Universal

Trust in Professions Kenya

A German-based marketing research firm, GfK Verein released a report dubbed “Global Study on Trust in Professions”, which looked at how much people in different countries trust different professions.

Apparently Kenyans trust Doctors the most, but have very little faith in politicians. Although the Germans trust Firefighters more than doctors, just like the Kenyans they also have little faith in their politicians. According to this report, although the world might not agree on alot, at least everyone agrees that politicians aren’t to be trusted. Politicians ranked last in all countries that took part in the poll.

Surprising though is that Kenyans trust shop-keepers more than they trust pastors and priests, so much for being 80% Christian.

The global survey involved 28,000 people representing over 2.2 billion and was carried out between September and November last year.

Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa were the only African countries in Africa that participated in survey. You can find the rest of the survey here.

Trust in Professions Germany

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